A live valve insertion is a specialty gate valve directly into an existing water or waste water main, while the existing pipeline is under working pressure, without interruption of flow or service.

This is the world's newest and most complete valve insertion system currently available with sizes 4"-16" and larger sizes coming soon.  With easy installation and operation in conjunction with being the economical option on the pocketbook versus the alternatives, this system obsoletes other methods of installing a valve under pressure.

There is NO tapping machine required, NO coupon to drop, or NO heavy equipment to transport and move around the job site or operate.   The valve can be installed in just a few hours, making it the fastest, most economical, easiest to operate and most reliable permanent valve insertion system available.

Instead of performing a traditional  tap, the EZ Valve System only mills a small 1.625" slot 120 degrees across the top of the main, ensuring that the pipe maintains its original integrity, while providing rigid support for the valve gate.  With over 14,000+ successful installations worldwide, it is the  premier choice for professional valve installations!