Hot Tapping is the method of cutting a hole in an existing pressurized piping system or vessel to make a new connection without service interruption or product leakage.   Also known as pressure tapping, live tapping or wet tapping.

Typical applications of a hot tap include making a branch connection, initiating a bypass and allowing performance of a line stop. Components required to perform a hot tap normally include a fitting designed to contain system pressure, a valve used to control the new connection and a drilling or tapping machine.

Hot taps are typically utilized for:

  • new construction tie-ins
  • installation of by-pass systems
  • prevent system shutdowns
  • install pressure/temperature gauges
  • probe and sensor installation
  • no chamber maintenance
  • new pipeline construction
  • quality control sample points
  • valve installations
  • pipe inspection

Our capabilities range from ½” to 60”+ on most materials and line contents.  Larger upon request.